The Light In The Attic Podcast: Stories Behind The Music
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Hosted by Light In The Attic staffers, this podcast tells the stories behind Light In The Attic releases. Episodes center around interviews with musicians, music industry creatives, and other interesting characters within the Light In The Attic community. You will hear music and liner notes from LITA releases and get to know the people making your records.

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    Kuni Murai

    In honor of our recent reissues of prolific musician and producer Haruomi Hosono’s essential albums, we teamed up with dublab and In Sheep’s Clothing’s, a hi-fi bar in downtown Los Angeles, for a night of celebration.

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    Jarvis Cocker

    The bounty of interviews from our recent UK trip in June continues with our casual chat with none other than Jarvis Cocker.

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    Mojo Magazine

    Another highlight from our recent UK trip was stopping by Mojo Magazine HQ for a chat with the amazing team that puts it all together.

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    Haruomi Hosono

    Matt Sullivan and Yosuke Kitazawa sit down with Haruomi Hosono for a casual conversation about his recent shows in London and Brighton, as well as our upcoming Hosono Archival Series.

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    This Heat

    On our recent trip to England, we found a cozy hallway in the back of London’s Cafe Oto to sit down with living legends Charles Bullen & Charles Hayward of This Heat.

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    The Lost World Of Acetone

    Join us on a ride along with Mark Lightcap, guitarist of forgotten 90s band Acetone, as he tells us all about a Los Angeles that no longer exists and the band that disappeared along with it.

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    Lynn Castle & The Ladies Of LITA

    This episode we highlight a few women who are doing awesome things in the music world. In the first half we talk to our favorite songstress, Lynn Castle. Lynn, who was known as Los Angeles' first "Lady Barber," recorded her beautiful songs back in the 60s with the help of Jack Nitzsche and Lee Hazlewood, but they've lain dormant ever since.. until now!

    In the second half we eavesdrop on a conversation between two experimental female musicians, Suzanne Doucet and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

    We also read some user-submitted tales of what's it's like to be a woman in the male-dominated music world.

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    Record Store Day 2017

    The stories behind our wild bunch of Record Store Day Releases, including the soundtrack to the 1973 Edie Sedgewick film Ciao! Manhattan; a box set of transcendental, minimalist proto-new age piano music by George Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann; and the trance-inducing soundtrack to the Volcom surf film Psychic Migrations.

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    The Tumbleweed Records Story

    This is the story of the little record label that could... until it couldn't. From 1971-1973 Tumbleweed Records put out an eclectic range of music from a wild family of musicians, many of whom were local to Denver, Colorado. Over the past few decades, crate diggers have stumbled upon Tumbleweed's records in dollar bins around the country, unaware of the short-lived, glittering empire behind them.

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